1.3 Mega Digital Camera Binocular 1.3 Mega Digital Camera Binocular

We've all been there. You're at a game or out mountain climbing and you pull out your camera to snap a g reat picture. But as you peer through the view finder you realize that you're too far away to capture the moment. Opportunity lost. Well not anymore. Our new Binocular Digital Cameras get you closer to the action than ever before. Imagine taking a picture from nearly a mile away and having it look as if you were only 20 feet away. It doesn't get any better than that. Just think of the possibilities. Like the times when we go to a baseball game and the only seats available are way out in left field. Deep left field. Try seeing the batter with a regular camera from that distance. Ain't gonna happen. With our Binocular Digital Cameras you'll be able to snap a close-up of the batter just as he makes contact with the ball for the game tying run. And you won't miss a single euphoric expression on his wide eyed face. Pictures so close people will be wondering how you got permission to take photos from the pitchers mound. Imagine camping in the wilderness and spotting what appears to be an Eagles nest. How about wale watching from shore? You're never too far away with our Binocular Digital Cameras. Every shot feels as if you are right there in the action. Includes sophisticated leather case, neck strap, USB cable and user manual. 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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