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Welcome to our online store for unique and unusual gifts.  We have many unique and unusual gift ideas to choose from. If you are looking for gift ideas, for any or all occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, father’s or mother’s day, graduation, housewarming or office gift, this online shopping store is a great place to start.

The Undisputed Leader in Innovation

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TS 227 Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier
50 Decibels  >Not much bigger than a cigarette lighter!

TS 223 Stun Gun Pepper Spray >
Dual protection provides immediate defense with 100% reliability

TC 312 Smart 5-in-1 Digital Camera
>Take snapshots, video, record voice, listen to MP3's, uploadable to Comp or TV!!)

TK 303 Take to Go Picnic Table
>Carry this picnic table and chairs with you just like a briefcase!

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TH 214 Scale with Fat Analyser >
Control weight on a daily basis by keeping track of your % of body fat. It's fast and accurate!

TE 354 Digital Drum
Awesome Features: Stereo speakers with Super Base, Record & playback function, lighted pads for lesson mode!

TC 431 Wrist Digital Camera
>Never fumble for your camera again. Capture every candid moment!!

TT 272 Levitating Globe >
Magic floating globe is an electronic novelty that will fascinate everyone!

Gadget Universe
is the premier gift store for unique gadgets, toys, executive products, electronic equipment and more. 
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More Unique Gifts! 
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Airplane Levitation-
Motion Sculpture
Handcrafted Mahogany
Happy Bird Motion Sculpture Smiley Face Splash/Flash Umbrella. For Safety, the handle is also a flashlight! Fantazein Clock
Reprogram Messages
Blue/Black/Great Gift!

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Levitron Dream Pak >How does it work? Click Below!

Levitron Classic Edition Levitating Globe

The Original Patented Mouse Rug / Quality Museum Reproductions!

Museum Collection: The Tibetan Tiger Mouserug

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Claire Murray® Collection Mouserug: Liberty Design

Claire Murray® Collection Mouserug: Freedom Design

Bitwise Gifts offers several selections of unique gifts such as the true anti-gravity Levitron Floating Tops and Globes, Magnetic Levitation and Motion Sculptures Hand-crafted of fine mahogany hardwood , Original Mouse Rugs, and a fun collection of Smiley Face Products. 
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Thank you for shopping at Unique and Unusual Gift.  We hope you found our store helpful in your quest to find a gift. Please be sure to click on our links for other great gift selections for men and women, gifts for teens and kids, fine handcrafted collectibles, flowers and gift baskets, and electronics. 

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