Digital Wrist Watch Camera Digital Wrist Watch Camera

You've probably lost count of the number of times you missed a great photo moment because you couldn't whip your camera out fast enough. Or because your hands were full. That's why the compact Digital Wrist Watch Camera is so perfect for active lifestyles. You'll never have to worry about a camera dangling from your neck while riding a bicycle. Or miss a perfect photo-op because you were to slow to pull your camera from your purse or backpack. That's because the Digital Wrist Camera is always attached to your wrist like a watch (and yes it actually is a real working watch as well), ready to shoot the perfect picture. Imagine all those great vacation moments lost forever. You know the ones where you hopped on a ride at your favorite amusement park. But the attendant made your put your camera away so you wouldn't drop it during the loop-dee-loop. Now you'll have no problem capturing every exciting moment no matter where you are. Even when you're hanging upside down. Perfect when you're riding a bike, on a boat or at the ball game. Just tilt your wrist, flip up the site and click the perfect shot. No more missed opportunities. 8M SDRAM allows storage of up to 26 VGA high resolution 350,000 pixel pictures. With auto exposure, auto white balance, edge detection with enhancement and back light compensation you'll get a great picture every time. You can even upload images to a Palm PDA. Everything you need to upload images to your PC or PDA is included. Includes Digital Camera with heavy duty silicon and stainless steel wristband and Ulead Photo Express software. One AAA battery not included. Never miss another candid photo op with the Digital Wrist Watch Camera. Perfect for taking pictures during the upcoming holidays or give one as a gift.

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